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Jamie Pruden Artist

Fantasy/Fan Original Art

What I Do

Canadian Artist

Photography | Art Crossovers

As an artist who loves to delve into the world of fantasy, It is a wonderful ability to do this for my fans and friends as well. By taking photos of people, and then painting digitally onto the photos to change the world within the piece. I am able to send you into your own world of imagination, or place you together with family, pets, and possessions. Also a very touching tribute can be made for those loved and lost.

Fantasy Art

Aside from creating pieces influenced by T.V. and movies, Jamie has always loved the opportunities to open his imagination and create from his own mind. His passion for horror, science fiction, and fantasy would constantly have him daydreaming of faraway planets, castles, monsters, elves, spaceships, and alien beings…

Fan Art

Since childhood, I have been a fan of Fantasy, Science fiction, and Horror. these 3 genres were able to sweep my mind off into countless daydreams and fantasy adventures. Often finding myself fixated on the make-up and costumes of the characters portrayed. I could get just as fixated on the poster, as the movie itself. To this day, I love to take these characters from iconic films and shows and place them in my mind’s perspective…

Unique Digital Art

Let’s just say this. I am not “tech savvy” at all. The cool thing about me, not understanding tech, is that it has given me a completely different way to create using it. When creating digital art, I do it in “analog”. This keeps it as organic to actual painting as possible…

Decades Of Art In The Shadows

Drawing, painting, creating art. That is my passion. I am so blessed to live a life where I can do what I love, and love what I do. I am happy that I create art that makes people smile. that gives people joy. That makes peoples heads turn and jaws drop as they mouth the word “WOW”. However,…


  • Official artist for the Rutherford Manor universe . 
  • Official artist for Macabre Royalty magazine 
  • regular contestant at Art Battle Edmonton 
  • “Meditate” Spock and Yoda crossover piece gifted to the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum
  • Portrait of Nichelle Nichols ( Lt. Uhura, original Star Trek 1960’s T.V.) gifted to the actress on her 85th birthday

The Artist…

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Canadian Artist Jamie Pruden