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About Jamie Pruden

The Story Of A Hidden Artist

Decades Of Art In The Shadows

  Drawing, painting, creating art. That is my passion. I am so blessed to live a life where I can do what I love, and love what I do. I am happy that I create art that makes people smile. that gives people joy. That makes peoples heads turn and jaws drop as they mouth the word “WOW”. However,…. it wasn’t always that way. In order for you to truely see me as the artist I am today, I must tell you of the circumstances that made me who I am.   

    Born in 1965, I was the youngest of two boys. My Mother and father split when I was only 1 year old. Growing up, I knew nothing of my mother, and I recall my father as a man who “loved his boys”. I spent most of my beginning years with babysitters or in a playschool as my father worked often. My older brother often didn’t want his little brother around, and I never had many friends  so most of my childhood was spent playing with the characters I created in my imagination. I would spend hours lost in comic books, more so looking at the art and creating my own stories rather than reading the stories at hand. I was a daydreamer. I grew to enjoy being by myself, because there I could lose myself in my imagination. It was this love of daydreaming that often got me in trouble with Teachers at school. 
    In 1972,(7 years of age) I was in grade 2. Trying something in hopes of getting the teacher to like me, I traced a puppy out of a coloring book and gave it as a gift to the teacher stating I had drawn it for her. Hoping to get a smile and a “thank you”, a sign she accepted me, what I recieved was her pulling me to the front of the class by the hand. Holding the picture up in the air she called the entire class to look at it. “Jamie just gave me this saying he drew this. THIS is not drawing, THIS is tracing!”. She handed the drawing back to me, with even looking at me, then left to talk to some other student leaving me standing at the front of the class while others teased and laughed.
   That night, clearly upset, I had a dream I will never forget. From so many hours in front of a T.V., I dreamed of a dog from a Hush Puppies shoe commercial. I saw myself drawing the dog. Not at a side view in shapes and sticks like most kids my age, but head on. I saw texture and different ways the light made the colors lighter or darker. I saw little details like shapes in the reflections in the dogs eyes. Not only did I see all of this… but I understood it. The dream was so vivid, the next morning as I ate my cereal at the breakfast table, I drew the dog, in full detail.
   Having this new ability, I felt like I was just given super powers. I thought I had something that would finally make people like me. Maybe I could make friends by giving them Pictures. Instead, because I was so into fantasy, superheroes, and horror… while other kids were into sports and games, I was teased and laughed at for the silliness of my drawings or was treated like a creep for the drawings that dealt with monsters and creatures. The only time classmates took interest in my art, was if they needed me to do thier title pages for book reports etc. Teachers still had problems with my daydreaming, only now the daydreaming had artwork added to it. Many drawings ended up torn out of my scribbler, crumpled up and tossed into the garbage by my teachers. At one point (attending a Catholic School) the class was given sheets of paper at Easter and told to draw something that was easter themed. The class was told their drawings would be hung on display at the local mall for all to see! While the other kids all did easter eggs with pencil crayon dots and lines, I really wanted to impress, so I did a picture of Christ nailed to the cross, in pain and torment, “dying for our sins” as I was taught. When all the pictures were put up in the mall, my family and I went to the mall as many of the kids and families did. from one end of the mall to the other, all to be seen was eggs. not one single picture of Jesus on a cross. It was later discovered that my picture was found “too disturbing” and it was suggested that I needed councelling to deal with issues I may have.
   From that moment on, I kept my art to myself. For the next 40 years, drawing was a means to escape from a world I felt I never fit into.
   40 years later, Superheroes were all over the movie screens. Comic book conventions were attended by the thousands. It was the era of nerds. Still keeping my art private, I had tons of very detailed drawings, started but never finished. It was at my mothers deathbed, I took my mind away from the sadness by deciding to finish all the drawings. As I sat in a shared room with other families experiencing loss, a man sat next to me. Just as finishing the drawings bided my time, watching me bided his. At one point he broke silence and said I should put these on social media. for weeks I hummed and hawed on it. Then I posted one. People went crazy for it. So I posted another, and another. All recieved tremendous reviews. Everyone kept asking for more. I had drawings I had been working on for years, and in that one month, I finished 20 drawings. 

   It all started in 1972. I was 7 years old. In 2013, 40 years later… I went public with my art. I had 20 drawings. Now I have over 500 works of art. I have my own company. I sell world wide. To all of you creative minds out there…. shine… shine…shine… – Jamie Pruden

Totally Inspired

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having this talented man create one of his masterpieces of me at my craft. I’ve watched the work he has produced over the past few years, and I’m totally inspired by his work ethic and creativity. I am looking forward to seeing what’s to come. Don’t stop Jamie, keep rockin.

– Darby Mills

Canadian Rock Icon, The Darby Mills Project

Jamie is a gifted artist, active in many communities. Most familiar is the Comic Con world. Both My girlfriend and I have purchased works from him which are displayed in our house, as his colors and unique detail are amazing. We are working towards a custom piece showcasing his abilities combined with our cosplay portfolios.

– Dale Kliparchuk

Canadian Cosplayer, "The Canadian Wolverine"

If you don’t like James’ art, then you’re no friend of mine

– Ivan Doroschuk

Canadian pop music Icon, Men Without Hats ( The Safety Dance, Where Do The Boys Go, Pop Goes The World)

What I Do

Photography | Art Crossovers

As an artist who loves to delve into the world of fantasy, It is a wonderful ability to do this for my fans and friends as well. By taking photos of people, and then painting digitally onto the photos to change the world within the piece. I am able to send you into your own world of imagination, or place you together with family, pets, and possessions. Also a very touching tribute can be made for those loved and lost.

Fan Art

As long as I can remember, I have loved the pop culture around me. as a child I loved the wolfman, Frankenstien, the mummy, and Dracula. It was the cool makeup that drew me in. the incredible castle and graveyard sets of old. I loved spending a Saturday afternoon at the local cinema, watching swashbuckling pirate movies, or Godzilla trampelling down a city. I would stay up late on Friday nights to catch all of the Planet of the apes movies. Star Trek and Star Wars, were great escapes to different worlds for me. I loved the small screen to. Time tunnel, Happy days, Mork and Mindy… all of it. If I wasn’t swept away by small and large screens, it was the panels withing comic books. It was one thing to see and read these adventures, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to create adventures with my favorite heroes and foes. When I create fan art, sometimes its a simple portrait homage. but what I REALLY love is taking the characters and instead of drawing them as YOOU see them in a movie still or fan magazine picture.. but instead, create my own way of showing the character in their eement.(and sometimes OUT of their element. I want to create pictures that show the character that you Identify with, in a setting you havent seen before, but when you see it… it hits home.

Fantasy Art

Aside from creating pieces influenced by T.V. and movies, I have always loved the opportunities to open my imagination and create from my own mind. My passion for horror, science fiction, and fantasy would constantly have me daydreaming of faraway planets, castles, monsters, elves, spaceships, and alien beings…I always thought that painting landscapes and still life was limited. What you saw in front of you, is what you painted. With fantasy art… there was an entire universe of imagination to paint from. My happiest moments in life were the moments I escaped into my imagination. My invisible childhood friends, the adventures we shared in my head. This form of art gives me the opportunity to share those adventures and characters with you. Someone once said “I would love to spend just 5 minutes inside your head”….. careful what you ask for.

Meet the Artist…

Calgary Expo – April 23 – 26 / 2020

  • Come meet me in person! (Booth number and location TBA)
  • I will have a 10’x10′ vendors booth! All of my portfolio books will be available foryoy to look through, as well as framed pieces on display!
  • Your chance to have an originalpencil sketch done rightbthere at the booth and hand signed! Alsoall of my works of art available for you to purchase!

Edmonton Art Battle (Dates TBA)

  • 12 Local artists compete in three 20 minute rounds of speed painting!
  • In each round, the artists must paint an 18×24 acrylic painting in just 20 minutes. Audience vote on the best work.
  • A great night out to see some very talented artists create incredible works of art. Music and fun! NO MINORS! (All art goes up for auction as well!)

Edmonton Dead By Con 2020

  • Sat., Mar. 14 – Sun., Mar. 15
    Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre Edmonton South, 4235 Gateway Blvd NW
    Edmonton, AB

Unique Digital Art