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  1. Christine Englert

    I saw you at the Calgary Expo and am interested in getting a print of Freddie Mercury. You had a framed one at your booth. I would like the same size, NOT framed. You said you were in Edmonton. I’m in Beaumont. How do I go about getting this print?

    • Jamie Pruden

      Hi Christine! I am SO SORRY for taking so long to reply. I just had this website made right before the Calgary Expo and I just suck at tech stuff. ( i literally JUST figured out how to check messages)In my art world everything has gone full blown insane busy. since the last expo I’ve had to focus on art for a board game coming out, 3 different graphic novels, posters for Alberta indie films, I just got signed on to do concept art for an upcoming sci-fi motion picture…with all of these projects I literally get up at 4 in the morn and am creating straight thru til 9-10 at night… everytime I try to make time to update my website or check up on it, (I havent even finished loading everything into the gallery and linking it to my etsy store. because A)i suck at tech B) just havent had the time to get on it. now, putting my long excuse aside, I can get that Freddie for you and my daughter actually lives in Beaumont, so when I go visit her I can deliver it to you. again I apologize fornot getting back to you sooner. – Jamie


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